Our business consulting services begin with asking the right questions to truly understand the nature of your business, determining your project needs, and finally delivering a deep analysis and set of solutions. We believe in a no-nonsense approach to problem solving with clearly stated goals and real-world outcomes. Our services range from the strategic to creative tactical approaches to meeting defined objectives.

Business Re-Invention

From restructuring and business reinvention to optimized exit, we combine the knowledge and expertise along with our network contacts to help our clients. Our team is experienced in business planning and mergers and acquisitions. To date our team has raised over $150M in equity financing for small and medium businesses.

Market Research & Validation

Building effective marketing research solutions requires the ability to attack problems from multiple angles.  Good research should include potential customer interactions to gauge purchase interest and acquire valuable feedback.  We believe the best market validation is a signed purchase order.

A different kind of business improvement firm

Other Services

Financial & Operations Services

With Big-5 accounting experience as well as small to large scale administrative and plant operations, we’re here to help take a hard look at how things are done and identify how it could be done faster, cheaper and more effectively. From setting up financial systems to business process improvement, we’re there to support the overall goals of the organization with peak efficiency.