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Whether you have a relationship in place, want to refresh your Microsoft relationship, or are now thinking about starting one, please give us a call.  You can read more about our Microsoft Alliance Services by downloading this brochure.     

At REDSERGE, we offer a broad set of Advocacy services designed to meet your Microsoft Partner needs.  Whether its full service or a la carte, part-time or full-time; our advocacy services can be custom tailored to meet your business goals.  The REDSERGE team brings experience not only from years at Microsoft but also as former Partners.  We've been in Partner shoes.  

We understand how a Partnership can change over time as technologies mature, “lighthouse wins” open up new markets and opportunities to co-sell to customers.  Our goal is to help our clients thrive, in part, by leveraging our current and former MS executive relationships and our inside knowledge of MS programs and practices.  The REDSERGE Advantage gives you the ultimate flexibility in your partnership with Microsoft


The REDSERGE Advantage

Suite of Partner Advocacy Services